Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY // Doggie Bow Tie

If your new to this blog, than welcome and let me start of with a disclaimer I love dogs!! I'm kind of like those old ladies who feel it's completely acceptable to touch a pregnant women's belly, only with dogs. I seriously love dogs and all dogs. One time I went to pet a pitbull during a morning jog. Bad move, luckily I still have all five fingers, but barely. This unfortunately has not stopped me from feeling the need to pet every dog I see. Even though I love dogs, I especially love my little, ok big, fur baby. I never make it out of Target without a new toy or treat. He is seriously spoiled rotten, so anything this is dog related I quickly become obsessed with. So when I started seeing doggie bow ties I was dying. How adorable are these! When I saw this cute like chocolate lab in that cute heart bow tie, I knew my dog needed one. I have done a full pinterest stalking session on these bow ties, because well, how freaking cute are they! Plus if that hipster pittie comes with that bow tie, sign me up! Since I'm such a procrastinator I knew if I bought one it would never make it here in time for Valentine's Day, so I hit up Micheal's and it's time to do some DIY crafting. 
Please do not mind Takoda's facial expression, he secretly loves his bow tie. He will never be a dog model, he can not sit still for more than a second. So don't quit your day job Koda, not that he has one besides sleeping in the sun all day. Jeez, the life of a dog. 
1. Dog collar
2. Ribbon
3. Scissors
4. Hot glue gun 

Hope you and your furry friend have a great Valentine's day. If you decide to give this a try post a picture to Twitter I would love to see what you create!

Karly Kim
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What it was... Weekend Writings

Another weekend has come and gone && I don't think anyone could be more unhappy than me. I had a four day weekend, which is absolutely crazy. I had to beg someone to work for my Thursday because I HAD to go to the badger hockey game. Every year for my grandma's birthday we take her to a hockey game, her birthday is the day after mine, Decemeber 22nd. But this year she had surgery on her shoulder and we were unable to go to any of the previous games. Now my grandma loves hockey, and she's quite the character to say the least, so she wasn't about to go to just any game. On Monday she called my dad up hinting she wanted to go to the Gopher vs. Badger game, because it was going to be a great game. Unfortunately, the games were Thursday, Friday instead of the normal Friday, Saturday. && would you believe, the Friday game was already sold out!! I have every other Thursday off and of course this was the week I had Fridays off. So here I am begging everyone and anyone at work to work Thursday for me. Luckily, I usually am willing to help other people and pick up their shifts, so I had someone who really owed me. Thank you heavens above, because if I couldn't have gotten off, I would never have heard the end of it from my grandma.
I was so excited. I really have come to love hockey && am so blessed to have been able to go to so many games this year! Plus my heart belongs to Bucky Badger, just saying. My dad thought the student section holding the American flag was cool, so I snapped a pic. 
Oh don't mind me, just creeping on my brother and his girlfriend. I think he was getting my text "I see you...."
My brother is the luckiest kid alive, I swear. If someone can get picked for something exciting it's him. One time on a family vacation to Universal Studios, he got picked out of the 100's of kids to be the one to try slime. Now if your a 1900's baby and watched Nickelodeon you know just how cool this was.
Here he did one of the half-time games. Good thing he competed against his friend. She won burritos for a year and split it with him. #collegelyfe
Whoever decided dippin' dots was a good thing to sell during a hockey game is a little stupid, but then again I did buy some. I'm sorry there is just something about eating small dots of ice cream that makes it taste 100x better.

Friday I went out with my mom and the Backsmith Babes aka my neighbors and their daughters. You can get a explanation of the name here. We went out to lunch at Red Lobster and stayed for over 4 hours laughing our butts off. I love those ladies, they are like second family to me. The only part I hate is when they talk about sex, I keep repeating in my head "mom don't make a comment, mom don't make a comment". Then here goes my mom and my ears are poisoned forever.

Saturday I went to the Well Expo with my mom which was a ton of fun. We went earlier in the afternoon so we were able to hear William Davis, the writer of Wheat Belly speak.
He was a great speaker and really did not promote his book. He said the results speak for themselves and word of mouth was all he needed to get his book to where it is now. I must say he is one of the only doctors I actually admire. Being a nurse I lose respect for doctors everyday. He is looking at primary care and treating patients holistically instead of with medication and procedures. There aren't many like him out there.

I brought my book with me to get signed. I'm so glad I was able to make his speech. It really motivated me to remove wheat from my diet again. I ate a Paleo diet for some time with great results but around Thanksgiving/Christmas time I fell off. I believe he is completely right, wheat is the enemy. Plus almost everything has wheat in it. Eat your fruits & veggies people. My mom is devastated her favorite candy Twizzlers even has wheat in it.

After the Expo I ran some errands with my family and we checked out a new Super Walmart. I don't like Walmarts so I just wandered around, of course finding my way to the pet section. I would like to think this is ridiculous, however if I had a cute little girl dog I would totally paint her nails. What are your toughts about doggie nail polish?! Sorry for the doggie diaper photo bomb.
I ended my Saturday staying in eating Pad Thai and watching The Heat. I had to get one of my favorite meals containing wheat out of my system. I seriously use to eat Pad Thai everyday I absolutely love it. p.s. if you have not seen The Heat you need too. I bought it to add to my funny movie collection, it's hysterical.
My Sunday was pretty relaxing. I ran some errands again, mainly stopping at some craft stores, which you will see the results of soon. I finished my Sunday with some homemade pizza and watching the Olympics.
Recipe for the pizza crust taken from Fast Paleo. I like to top mine with sauteed mushrooms and fresh onions. This is not a completely Paleo pizza since I drowned it in mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan cheese. Hey, I'm from Wisconsin what can I say. 

Paleo Pizza Crust

2 cups almond flour
1 cup arrowroot powder
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. sald
1 1/2 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. tsp black pepper
3 eggs
1/2 cup almond milk

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Grease a round pizza pan. I use a standard cookie sheet.
2. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Whisk to blend together.
3. Add eggs and almond milk to the dry ingredients. Mix well. The batter will be running, it will not be a dough like a "real" pizza dough. 
4. Use a spatula to spread batter onto greased pan. It barely covers my cookie sheet, but will rise so no worries.
5. Bake crust in preheated oven 8-12 minutes. I do about 10 minutes.
6. Remove crust from oven and top with sauce and desired toppings.
7. Bake for another 10-15 minutes. Again I do another 10 minutes and then its time to dig in!

Hope everyone has an amazing week! Let me know how your weekend was!!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Fave Five

It's finally Friday ladies!! This week has gone by so fast I can't believe the weekend is once again upon us. Not that I mind. Here are my current faves from the past week. 

1. Coconut Nectar. Do I need to go on. Probably not, but I will. I've been eye-balling this raw sweetener for awhile and finally decided to give it a try. I will never go back to agave or maple syrup again. I love adding a little on top of my morning grapefruit instead of sugar. It's a light natural sweetness. Yum!

2. Lusting! I blame my college years spent on Twilight for my obsession with everything vampire//werewolf related. I began watching the show Teen Wolf kind of out of boredom and a little out of curiosity. Needless to say I got hooked. I just got caught up on the second part of season three. I act like a crazy love struck teenage girl every time I watch this show. [hashtag]sorrynotsorry.

3. I love food, what can I say. I've tried hummus in the past, but recently it is my go to snack food. I love eating it with some yellow and orange peppers. So yummy. I need to try to make my own soon.

4. My skin remains a hot mess, and my daily foundation has been my go to Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation. This foundation has salicylic acid in it to help fight acne. I have been wearing this to work for a while now because it doesn't look cakey, but also gives enough coverage I don't feel like everyone is staring at the huge pimple on my forehead. Yuck!

5. Bubble wands. Yes, you heard me right. That is not a picture of some weird sex toy, it's actually for your hair. This new curling wands have been out for a while. I purchased my first one over a year ago from NuMe. Later I purchased a cheaper one. I love the beach waves they create. I have recently come back to using this curling wand and am obsessed at the moment.

What are your current faves?! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I finally get to participate in the What I Ate Wednesday blog trend. Since I was on the juice cleanse last month, I figured it would be completely boring to see the five juices I drank. I try my best not bore my followers to death, so I avoided too many juice pics. Anyhow, now that all of that is in the past, I figured it would be prime time to take a day in the life of Brittany, food style. 

I start every morning with lemon+apple cider vinegar+warm water & a tiny teatox tea. After about a half hour, I ate my breakfast. My go to breakfast lately has been green tea and grapefruit. In the past I used to drown my grapefruit in sugar. yikes! Recently, I've been using coconut nectar and let me say yum! I would totally recommend switching your sweetener to raw coconut nectar. It's not overly sweet, which is really nice. 
Can we all take a moment of silence for my favorite pink mug shown in the above photo. It is a sad day for all, and it breaks my heart to let you all know my poor pink mug was smashed very shortly after this picture was taken. My dad will be facing the consequences for such actions later. Anyhow, I spent the afternoon at Whole Foods, which every normal girl does right? Seriously, I love going to the grocery store! I slowly browse each isle, finding all kinds of good finds. I took my mom with me and we both had salads for lunch. I have absolutely no portion control when it comes buffets, so needless to say I filled my bowel to the rim. I used the quinoa salad which had a light lemon/olive oil dressing as an overall dressing for the salad. I loved the falafel, which was my first time trying it. I also loved the sweet potatoes and marinated mushrooms. Yummy in my tummy!! I had a black chia kombucha to drink. They were on sale so I stocked up. I love those!!
 Dinner, which sorry about the horrible picture, but let's face it, it's winter and all natural light has been gone since 4pm. So bare with me. My mom bought the vegetable lasagna from Whole Foods and some parmesan bread. The lasagna was absolutely delicious, but super rich and filling. I only ate half of it. The bread, which was only 99 cents for the whole loaf was amazing. It was a splurge, because I really do try to avoid wheat.
No dessert tonight, wah! Seriously, though, I was so full I don't think I could even eat a chocolate chip. Ok, kidding, there is always room for chocolate. After the adventure at Whole Foods my mom and I stopped at Target. The clearance racks were insane and I impulsively bought three new tops and the cutest bag ever. Luckily, we had to pick my dad up from work, so we weren't able to shop around too much/spent all my money. The rest of the day I got caught up reading some of my favorite blogs. I love having lazy days off.
I hope everyone has a good Wednesday. For those that work a normal schedule it's humpday, and the work week is half over. For me, I'm extremely lucky to only have to work tomorrow and have a four day weekend. It's a little crazy and not really planned, so we will see what trouble I get into. Maybe I'll be a good girl and pick up some shifts at work, but probably not. Who likes work anyhow?!
**disclosure: if you purchase anything I link to you via Amazon I make a small percentage out of it at no cost to you! So it's a win, win!
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

We are officially into February and that means it's cupid's birthday. Just kidding, that baby who shoots people with magical arrows obviously doesn't age, so in other words Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Don't worry, if your a single lady like me there is no reason to avoid this day by sitting in your sweats, drinking wine, eating ice cream and crying your eyes out while watching the notebook. Us single ladies can indulge in all the v-day hype like buying ourselves chocolates and lots of them. Maybe send yourself flowers, oh hey, why not even send them to your work with an anonymous note. Ok, maybe don't that would look very desperate if anyone ever found that little secret out. So let's go the safer route and go shopping!! Does anyone else ever think about the movie White Chicks when they say this?! I always do. What better way to go shopping than with a $200.00 gift card?! Yes you read that right! The lovely Bella at Dateless in Dallas is hosting an amazing giveaway I so greatly got to be part of with a bunch of other fabulous ladies. The gift card is for Stella & Dot, which is also where my next paycheck is going to. They have the most glamorous jewelry, plus they also carry handbags, wallets and scarves. This is an awesome gift, so make sure you enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Winner will be notified on February 8th.
2. Winner will be verified. If the winner cannot be verified, a new one will be selected.
3. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize after the notifying email has been sent out.
If they do not respond to the email within the 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

Good luck ladies! This is so exciting, I almost wish I could enter myself. I guess I will just have to live through you all. 

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Monday Morning Mantra

I thought I would try something new and start each week with a new mantra to instill positive thinking into my life. It's so amazing the amount of negative self talk we do. We would never treat our friends or family the way we treat our own selves at times. I'm one of the worst at it. I've always been more introverted so self dialog is very natural, but can easily go in the wrong direction. "Why did you just do that?" "I'm such a mess up" "I don't even care anymore" are just some of the negative self talk I do on a daily basis.

Not only do I abuse myself verbally, but my greatest fault of all is food. I use to abuse my body every single night when I came home from work. It would be late at night, I would be extremely stressed out and tired, yet I would sit in the kitchen for hours eating peanut butter toast like nobodies business. I would tell myself I deserved it, I had a rough day and all. The the spiral would continue and I would feel worse from ruining all the healthy food and exercise choices I had made earlier in the day. The worst part... I deserved it, I would tell myself. I knew what I really deserved was to better myself. If I really respected and loved myself I would not trash it every night with unhealthy bingeing. I realized every night how much I really must hate myself, that I could not overcome the urge to constantly hurt my body. "You can do better tomorrow" a slight glimmer of hope would tell myself every night as I lay feeling sick, although, tomorrow usually wasn't better.

During the juice cleanse I resisted any evening snacking, but since going back to "normal" food again I find myself going back to my old ways. To really love ourselves we respect every part of our being. That means no abuse in any form whether that be self-talk, cutting, starving, bingeing, etc. That's why I thought I should start every morning with a mantra. A mantra is basically just repeated words or phrases. In my case something positive. The more you say something the more you start to believe it. When I graduated nursing school I had post-its around the house saying "You will pass the NCLEX the first time" and you bet I did. I intend to use the same theory to change my inner voice. Change my self-talk to positivity and self love.

Feel free to join me. I intend to use the same mantra for a week, putting the mantra on my bathroom or vanity mirror so I see it every morning and repeat it to myself. This mantra I created is intended to aid my self awareness and create a better love of my body to avoid destructive behaviors such as bingeing.
Do you use mantras to self-empower? What mantras do you repeat to yourself? Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a great week. 

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Liebster Award

I'm so excited to announce that I was given the Liebster Award sometime last week. I was completely shocked when I received an email from Bella from Dateless in Dallas. I absolutely love reading her blog and could not believe she noticed little 'ol me. Of coarse this award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers, which is definitely me, but it's nice to spread the word on blogs we admire and feel deserve more followers. So I was not only excited to answer the questions Bella asked, but also to nominate and ask questions to my fellow bloggers. 

The Rules
1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you.
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions.
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

My nominees:
Jasmine @ The Jasmine Maria

My Questions from Bella
1. What did you like most about high school?
The socialization. I went to a relatively large high school so I loved meeting new people and being around such diversity. I also loved going to football & basketball games, homecoming, homecoming week and all that high school crap. It's funny how easy life was then, but it never felt like it.
2. What is your biggest fear?
Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single. Kidding, not kidding. I hate storms, while everyone is making their status "love thunderstorms, best sleeping weather". I'm praying my house doesn't get sucked up in a tornado like Dorthy's did in the Wizard of Oz. My biggest irrational fear is the fear of falling. I hate flying in planes, roller coasters,  squeaky stairs, cracks in wall, overstocked shelves, and oh boy the trip to the Grand Canyon well that was a barrel of fun. Not!
3. If you won the lottery and had one day to spend it, where would you spend it?
Well, I would start off with something really fun like paying off my student loans. Then I would buy myself a nice black Range Rover. Next I'd buy myself every miniature dog breed starting off with a teddy bear, a miniature french bulldog and a pomsky. Google them, you will not regret it. I really should probably donate some, but being conceited for one minute I would blow the rest on make-up & clothes, preferably by taking a trip to France to do so. 
4. What do you like most about blogging?
I love having an outlet to express myself and write down my thoughts. Even more though, I love interacting with so many different people. I love reading and commenting on other people's blogs and it seriously brightens my day when someone comments on one of my posts. It's so fun to connect with other people!
5. Do you have kids? If not, do you want kids?
No kiddos here folks. I would love to have 4 kids, if the stars align 2 girls and 2 boys. I grew up with only my younger brother who is my complete opposite in every way. I love him to death, but we aren't super close. I would love to have a big family for that reason. I always wished I had a sister to confide in. Now I just need to find a man, and then find a man who isn't running for his life when I say I want 4 kids.
6. How has 2014 treated you so far?
Besides this freezing weather, great! I'm finishing up my 30 day juice cleanse and could not feel any better. I feel like 2014 is my year to really find myself and be the person I really want to be!
7. Describe yourself in three words
Introverted, Caring && Tough
8. Which is your favorite holiday?
As much as I love the Christmas holiday season, I love Halloween. Fall is by far my favorite season and everything about Halloween I can't get enough of. This year I really want to take a tour of haunted mansions!
9. What do you think about dating in our generation?
Well, I hate dating in general, so... I love the show Million Dollar Matchmaker, because I think Patti really has it. I think guys should plan the dates and do the "guy" stuff. I want to be swept off my feet. Is that really too much to ask?!
10. Tell me about a time when you met a celebrity {or someone important}, who was it and how did you react?
This question made me really feel like a loser. I know after this post I will actually think of someone, but all I can come up with is the city's mayor when I was in middle school. I had some of my poetry "published" with a few of the other kids in my school, which allowed us to be invited to the mayor's mansion. All I remember is how scary his wife looked. 
11.Which one, Edward or Jake? {Twilight}
Ok, are we talking Jacob book or Jacob movie, because there is a big difference. When I read the books I fell for Edward hard. I could not even stand Jake I hated him! Then the movie comes out and Jake is hot as hell, and I'm like why are you being so mean to him. So answer is book Edward, movie Jake. I'm weird I know.

My Questions to my nominees: 
1. What is one food you couldn't live without?
2. Would you ever go on a reality show? If yes, which one?
3. What was your worst date ever?
4. If you could know one thing about your future, what would you want to know?
5. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?
6. What is something you pinned on Pinterest that you want to do or have?
7. What is your favorite breakfast food?
8. What is your favorite part about being a blogger?
9. What was your most impulsive buy ever? 
10. If you could steal one thing without consequence what would it be?
11. Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

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