Saturday, January 11, 2014

Get Organized: Cute & Stylish Daily Planners

Am I a little late or what? It's already two weeks into the new year and I didn't have a planner yet. I really haven't had one since college. My poor iPhone just wasn't cutting it for me. There's just something about that old fashion pen and paper and the feeling of accomplishment when crossing something off. I've always been really picky on my planners. It's the only school supply I really gave a shit about. I would drive all over town to find the perfect planner. It had to be cute, but functional. Plus my handwriting is HUGE! So I always had to find a planner that didn't have lines made for little fairies to write on. Anyways, when doing my daily planner/agenda search for the new year I found a whole bunch of contenders. Thought I'd share some of my faves!
I. Rainbows = Happiness && Happiness comes from good organization. Easy to plan life with this super cute Simplified Planner.
II. What girl doesn't like animal print!? Now you can feel fierce crossing off your to-do list.
III. Love these cute planners I found an Etsy
IV. Another Etsy fave! Super chic, classic look && also totally functional.
V. This is my lucky year. Such a positive message to look at everyday.
VI. If you are a Target shopper make sure to check out these Sugar Paper planners. Love 'em!
VII. A girl cannot go wrong with Kate Spade
VIII. Love you some pink, but still wanna look professional? I love the look of this planner.
IX. Ed Condren's gold collection is so freaking cute! Plus you can personalize your planner too.

I also found some super cool fitness planners. Check out the Lorna Jane planner. Everything she does is magic. Another great one is from Blogilates, she has fitness calendars and fitness journals. How do you stay organized? I have some great ideas on things to add to my planner this year. Maybe I'll share if your good. Kidding, kidding. Let me know your organization tips. Do you use your phone or are you old fashion like me?

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