Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Juice Fast // Week 2

I can't believe it's been two week already. Time flies when your on a juice cleanse, isn't that what they always say. No I think I made that up. Anyways here is my weekly update on how my fast has been going.

Grocery List
3 bundles of kale
3 bundles of spinach
10 large carrots
1 celery bundle
3 bundles of red chard
7 pears
6 yellow apples
7 red apples
8 green apples
7 oranges
4 zucchini
1 ginger root
4 kiwi
1 bag of green grapes
*This week Whole Foods was a little picked over. So I didn't get any cucumbers and they only had one type of kale. boo! I realized how important vegetables like cucumbers are for making the majority of your drink, so I "borrowed" two from my mom at the end of the week. Thanks mom!
Energy has been amazing. Yes it's still hard to get up in the morning, probably because it's still fairly dark outside, darn you winter. But once I'm up, I'm awake. I have not felt drowsy, fatigued or exhausted. It's been almost weird. Over the weekend I got little sleep, but woke up each morning refreshed and guess what people no naps. Yes, on my days off it's nap day. Which has not been the case. Yeah for having energy to get shit done!
Not too many changes here. I had a rough spell mid-week with lots of breakouts. Again my theory is my body is pushing out all the built up toxins. My hair has been great, I went to my stylist today and she asked if I had changed shampoos because my hair was holding the color better and was looking healthier.
Well I pretty much have continued to sleep like a baby. I love it. I also feel like I don't need as much sleep. I don't know if this is true or not, I may be heading for a huge crash at the end of the week.
Mental Clarity
Mentally I do feel clear. It's hard to explain, but I feel almost free. Whether it has to do with the juice cleanse, I'm not sure. 
Weight Loss
My mom has made comments that I look thinner to her. My stomach is definitely flat and I love it. Also my favorite pair of yoga pants I wore over the weekend were loose. I had to keep pulling them up, I kept telling myself it was probably because I wear them so much they are stretched out. 
This past week I really missed eating, but not for the reasons you may think. I really am appreciating food more. I love the smell of food better and I believe when the fast is over I will appreciate flavors, spices and seasoning more. Also my taste buds are developing more. I've fallen in love with my veggies and can taste how the different vegetables interact and taste with each other. I realized I loved ginger, which I don't think I would have said in the past. I never did have a crash or feel like I was in a fog and then feel clear after. Maybe my body wasn't as bad as I thought, or it's just me. Even though I have missed eating food, I have no desire to cheat on my juices. After I drink a juice I'm full and feel content. I have not felt the need to binge at all. I think doing this for 30 days is going to be amazing for me. They say you can break or start a habit in 30 days so I hope to break the habit of binge eating and craving unhealthy foods. I hope to still continue for the full 30 days, but after picking up some Raw Food cookbooks over the weekend I can't wait to start experimenting. 

I thought I would also share my favorite drinks from the week. I would definitely recommend these. Each juice I make is roughly 2 cups worth. 

Spicey Lemonade

1 lemon
1 TBS agave/honey/maple syrup
Dash of cayenne powder
*This was adapted from the Blueprint Cleanse. It took some getting used to, but now a staple afternoon snack.

Flavorful Green Juice

1 large carrot
1 red apple
2-3 bundles of spinach
1/2 cucumber
1 slice ginger
*I modified this from a recommendation from a follower. Love the combo of carrot/red apple/ginger. 

Thanks to some of my followers for their juice recommendations. If you have a favorite juice I would love to know your combinations! Remember Wednesday is update day, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a weekly juice fast update!!

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