Monday, January 20, 2014

Morning Orange Juice

Good Monday morning! Mondays area weird, especially for me. Some weeks I hate them like the rest of the world and other week, like this week its a beacon of hope. Why? Well I don't work a normal work week like the majority people. I just finished working over the weekend so this week Monday means one more day until Tuesday, my day off! Either way mornings can suck. While doing my juice cleanse one of my favorite juices has been the one I make in the morning. I posted this combination in my Week One update post, but I wanted to share it again. I have always felt like orange juice was a breakfast juice. Why I feel that way I don't know. The only other time I drink orange juice is when I'm sick. I seriously drink OJ like nobodies business when I start to feel a cold coming on. So much so, I feel like my teeth will rot out by the end of the day. Hey, it's been the way I've stopped some sicknesses died in their tracks. Gotta love that vitamin C. I hope you like this juice. It has such a yummy orange taste, like a raw dreamsicle. Have a good Monday morning and I hope this brings a ray of sunshine to your day!

Morning Orange Juice

1 extra large carrot or 2 medium sized carrots
1 yellow apple
1 orange

Place fruits && veggies in a juice and enjoy!

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