Monday, December 23, 2013

I was born on the cusp

Does anyone else remember when zodiac signs were extremely popular?! I think I was in middle school when all the stores in the mall were filled with zodiac "fashion". It was in trend to display your sign on a cute little shirt or on a necklace. Being a middle schooler, fitting in was extremely important and I jumped on the old bandwagon. Unfortunately for me I had no idea what my sign was. Thank God as a middle schooler there weren't too many boys using corny pick-up lines about my sign. Anyhow, thanks to Wet Seal they ever so nicely labeled the dates for each sign. However, I came to find my birthday of December 21st could either be a Sagittarius or Capricorn depending on the source. For the most part it's considered Sagittarius, plus I liked the sound of Sagittarius more so I decided that is what I was. As trends come and go, it wasn't until high school that I thought about my zodiac sign again. My teacher had divided the class into their zodiac sign without us knowing and asked for us to try to figure out why we were grouped that way and what we had in common. My group consisted of one other girl, whom I had pretty much nothing in common with expect for the fact we were both females. The teacher finally told us the common thread between the groups and handed each student a sheet of paper explaining the characteristics of our sign. When she came to my group, she hand me and the other girl in my "group" two sheets. She stated our birthdays were on the border and to read and see which one we were more like. As I read both I realized I was more of a Capricorn than a Sagittarius. I had a moment of panic at this thought. Clearly the $10 necklace I purchased as a pre-teen stating I was a Sagittarius meant I was a Sagittarius, right?!
The one and only original Sagittarius necklace
Well it took another 5 years for me to revisit my zodiac sign characteristics again. When I read the description of a Sagittarius, it fit me very well. I'm bored easily, I'm large-hearted, I love to travel and seek adventure, I'm positive & my mouth gets me into trouble all the time. One thing though, Sagittarius is the luckiest sign and let me tell you, my family will tell you too, I'm the most unlucky person there is. My mom always says "if something bad could happen, it will happen to you". I didn't want to, but I looked again at the traits of a Capricorn. I realized this description fit me well too, I'm shy, detached at times, I can be stubborn and moody, loyal to a point of flaw & overly responsible. I felt if I combined both traits it fit me to a T. So of course I googled this, only to find this was indeed true, because I was born on the cusp. I was a Sagicorn and this was the reason for my afflictions. I hate routine and I get bored easily, but I hate change. I'm humorous, but I can take things too far. I like being social, but have no problem being alone and prefer it most of the time. I'm ambitious, but I like things done my way on my terms. I'm positive, friendly and caring, but don't catch me when I'm grumpy because I can be a bitch. I love athletics, but I'd rather do an independent sport like martial arts. I love to travel && I have a need to find the meaning of life. Some may think that astrology and zodiac signs are a bunch of crap. Honestly, I will admit I like reading my horoscope, but rarely believe what it tells me. I do believe I'm a Sagicorn. It has led me to better understand myself and my flaws.

Sagittarius Constellation Necklace I got for my birthday this year!
Do you find your zodiac sign interesting? Could you have been born on a cusp too!? Since it was just my birthday the other day I thought I would share. Hope we all can have some self-realization and improvement of our selves.

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