Friday, December 20, 2013

You Know Your Birthday is in December When...

... you get more Christmas cards than Birthday cards.
... people like to combine your Christmas & Birthday present, gee thanks.
... your family acts like it cost $100 to send a Birthday card, so they just hand it to you on Christmas.
... you can't go out for your Birthday because no one wants to go out in a blizzard. babies!
... you either have to get really drunk to stay warm in your slutty little b-day outfit, or you end up wearing clunky winter boots and a huge winter coat.
... you hint everyday that your Birthday is coming up so people don't make Holiday plans on your big day.
... you treat yourself to your own Birthday gifts because everything is on sale.
... no one is able to celebrate your birthday with you because everyone is out of town.
... you drown your sorrows with spiked egg nog (It's my party I can cry if I want to!)
... you'd rather wear an ugly sweater than a cute little dress.
... someone along the line has forgotten your Birthday because of the Holiday madness.
... you wake up to a beautiful winter wonderland on you Birthday & then have to defrost your car.
... you choose a warm cocktail over a margarita. brrr!
... you look like a ghost in all your Birthday pictures (girl go get you some fake tanner now!)
... your family asks how your Birthday was, because it's the only conversation starter they have.
... people tend to get more excited about some guy name Jesus' birthday more than yours (totally joking keep Christ in Christmas folks).
... somehow your birthday dinner consists of left-over turkey, potatoes, and Christmas cookies.
... you actually got excited if your birthday fell on a school day, instead of over winter break. Hello birthday cupcakes!
... the bars are usually died, or filled with weird, drunk loners.
... people sing Christmas carols instead of Happy Birthday.
... you have to spend more time with your extended family than your friends.
... you've received at least one present that you are sure was a re-gift. how precious.
... birthday parties involved ice skating and sledding instead of a pool party.
... you've been called a Grinch or Scroogie because the Holiday cheer and lack of Birthday celebration was just too much.
... your wishlist is always huge, but you always miss out on the goodies that come out in the Spring/Summer.
... your presents are wrapped in paper with snowmen and Santa hats on it, instead of balloons and cupcakes.
... you can't reschedule your birthday plans because whoopty freakin doo it's New Years!
... there are people everywhere toasting and partying, but it's got nothing to do with you.
Not ok people!!
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This Holiday season please don't forget those who were born in the month of December. They need love too, if not more. Also, if you even consider gift combining just remember one of these day us December babies will come after you. It will not be pretty! You have been warned!!

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