Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Winter Weekend Update

This weekend felt like Christmas/Winter time && I loved every moment of it. When your from Wisconsin you have to put your big girl winter boots on and deal with the bitter cold and make the best of it. I swear some day I'm moving somewhere much warmer, but I also can not image a winter without snow. I'm just never pleased. I started Friday finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping. Eek! I love Christmas shopping, but I hate not being able to tell my mom my crazy shopping adventures because it would totally give a way what I was getting her. Anyone else like this?! I finished my Friday making Christmas cookies. As much as I want to resist all the Christmas food temptations, what is Christmas without Christmas cookies!! I made peanut blossoms, chocolate crackle cookies and of course no Christmas is complete without decorated sugar cookies. I have to say I was getting a little tired at the end so no judging the decorating skills!!

Saturday I splurged and went out shopping for myself. Oops, I'm a girl what do you expect!! I bought a new Wisconsin Badger sweatshirt and headband for the Hockey game I went to that night. I also did very last minute shopping for my Christmas outfit. I found a super cute peplum top at Forever 21. I don't know if it's just me since I was late in my holiday outfit shopping, but I could not find anything that looked holiday to me. I lucked out with the last one, unfortunately (although maybe not...) the strap around the belt was ripped off. I asked for a discount and got 10% off. All it took was a few stitches and good as new! Always look for discount girls. That night I went to my first hockey game of the season. Nothing says winter like a good hockey game! 

Sunday was the annual Dinner Theater Christmas Program with my mom, grandma and great aunt. It's always a great way to put me in the holiday spirit. In the picture below I'm wearing my new peplum top. Please note how great it is for the holidays as it will completely covers the holiday bloated stomach *wink wink* not that anyone tends to overeat during the holidays. It was a beautiful Sunday. 
How was your weekend? What helps put you in the holiday spirit!?!

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